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required Please Note: If you are submitting your project under "IPEO" module or if you want to do your own
project under the "UG/PG Dissertation Program" then it is compulsory to submit a completely filled "RP1345" form along with the PDF generated. Applications without RP1345 forms in these two cases will not be considered. RP1345 form is available at the bottom of this page.
required Time schedule for programs are mentioned in front of the module in the drop down list.
required Start date is tentative and can vary according to availability of time slot.
required There is no time schedule for PhD related work.
Notice Regarding Registration Fee

Please contact office for details related to fee of different modules given above.

Terms, Conditions and Instructions:
    General Instructions:
  1. Trainees are required to maintain a minimum of 90% attendance to be eligible for their certificate.
  2. Trainees are required to maintain discipline during labs as well as class sessions.
  3. During the training period if company finds that any trainee is not following the organization's rules and regulations or is misbehaving with employees of the company or fellow students, then company will cancel his/her training and certificate without the refund of any fee.
  4. Selection of candidates will be based on first come first serve basis except in case of "Summer School" Module where every year we provide one student training free of cost. This selection is based on interview.
  5. If a student has any complain, he/she must submit the problems and complaints in writing to the management.
  6. All study materials provided to trainees by the company during training period are company's confidential materials and it should not be shared outside of the company.
  7. Safety Related Instructions:
  8. All project students ( IPEO or UG/PG Dissertation Program) will be trained by the Company for aspects related to laboratory safety free of cost.
  9. It is compulsory for a project student ( IPEO or UG/PG Dissertation Program) to attend a 2 days Laboratory safety lecture where he/she will be introduced to safety aspects related to working in the laboratory.
  10. At the end of the 2 day lecture, the student will have to pass a written test (with minimum 80% marks) before he can be allowed to go forward with COSHH form filling session.
  11. It is compulsory for a project student ( IPEO or UG/PG Dissertation Program) to attend a 3 days COSHH form filling session.
  12. Wearing "full sleeves" lab coat in the lab is compulsory.
  13. It is mandatory for the student to buy their own lab coats.
  14. Lab coats are available with the faculty on "per day/session" bases with charges of Rs.30 to be paid before entering the lab.
  15. Fee Related Instructions:
  16. Registration/Confirmation/Reservation fee once paid is not refundable. If the candidate is unable to join the provided batch (provided date), the Registration/Confirmation/Reservation fee will be valid for next six months from the starting date of the batch he/she was supposed to join from.
  17. Fee instalment facility is available only for Training Incubation Program. For other modules, fee has to be paid in advance.
  18. Late fee will incur a 5% penalty every 15 days for the first 60 days and 10% after that.
  19. All right reserved to Seminal Applied Sciences Pvt. Ltd.
I have carefully read and understood all the instructions mentioned in this form & they are acceptable to me. I assure that all the details provided in this application form are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
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