Agriculture and Contract Farming

          Agriculture, being the biggest industry of the world, is the backbone of most part of the world economies.The increasing global demand for food and changing production conditions due to climate change and water availability is placing pressure on agriculture than ever before.

          We are engaged into agriculture related biotechnology where we are revolutionizing this sector with innovations and carrying out business activities under contract farming programs. The company deals with cash crops, grain crops, herbal crops, and oil crops under its technical efficiency.

          Our company provides inputs to farmers helping them improve their yields based on information related to use of better seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, agricultural equipment and agronomic package of practices best suited for their needs. Our range of inputs and extension services includes supplies of agricultural equipment and agronomic packages. Our Services includes:

  •      Soil analysis.
  •      Recommendations of manures and fertilizers based on soil and plant test data.
  •      Fertilizers testing including N.P.K. and other fertilizers.
  •      Testing of all types of ashes, including zinc, brass and tin ash.
  •      Confirmation of diseased plant samples.
  •      Recommendation of pesticides.
  •      Field / Farm Visits / Consultation.
  •      Landscaping and testing of major secondary and micro nutrient samples.

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