Molecular Biology and Proteomics Laboratory (MBPL)

Dr. Ajit Kumar


Neha Kumari

        Lab Incharge

          Proteomics is the next step in the study of biological systems; it is more complicated than genomics because an organism's genome is more or less constant, whereas the proteome differs from cell to cell and from time to time. Distinct genes are expressed in different cell types, which mean that even the basic set of proteins that are produced in a cell needs to be identified.

         My principal research interest is in differential proteomic analysis of abiotic and biotic stresses on crop plants and microbes. Core area is to identify stress treated proteins by using bioinformatics tools like gene ontology linkage to understand their physiology and molecular biology.

         Currently my laboratory targets to annotate and finally identify expressed protein in crops and microbes. We are also working on projects related to pigments science, natural fluorescent marker include phycocyanin, phycoerythrin as a natural coloring agent in pharmaceutical products. With reference to genomics, we are using molecular markers for identification of genetic variants.

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