Department of Nano-Biotechnology (DNB)

Ankita Anand


         Nanotechnology as a new science is rapidly emerging in biological sciences where its being developed to probe and manipulate the effect of single atoms and molecules against a wide range of microbes. My research group is focused on scientific approach to develop and investigate the nano-particles in different areas.There is a great scope of the study of nano-particles and as well as natural products in present time are widely prescribed though having limited effectiveness and furthermore overdosing is associated with many fatal side effects including generation of resistant mutants.

         Applications of nanotechnology for treatment, diagnosis, monitoring, and control of biological systems has recently been referred to as “nano-medicine”. The development of a wide spectrum of nano-scale technologies is beginning to change the foundations of disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. These technological innovations, referred to as nano-medicines are the current status. Today, nanotechnology and nano-science approaches to particle design and formulation are beginning to expand the market for many drugs and are forming the basis for a highly profitable niche within the industry.

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