Research Laboratory of Medicinal Plant Biotechnology (RLMPB)

Dr. Manas Mathur


Ankush Johar

        JRF - Mewar University

          Advances in biotechnology, particularly methods for culturing plant cells and tissues should provide new means for the commercial processing of even rare plants and the chemicals they produce. Since the use of phytochemicals for pharmaceutical purpose is gradually increasing in many countries, my core area of research includes study of natural plant products both in-vivo and in-vitro. My laboratory focuses on various herbal formulations for possible bio-efficacy and therapeutic ventures. At present my lab is working to enhance the desired metabolites in tissue culture by supplement of various precursors and elicitors in the media and their further characterization for possible applications. The core areas where we are working on includes:

  • Plant biochemistry
    •      Secondary metabolites.
    •      Antioxidant enzymes.
    •      Enzymes immobilization.
  • Plant physiology
    •      Plant tissue culture.
    •      Stress biology.
    •      Agrobacterium mediated transformation.

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